The Varuzone

From nothing to nothing

All things in between

The crazy drama; Awkward shit

Incessant periodic waves of emptiness

And all the bittersweet memories

The different people we touch

The sweet words said,

And the heaviness of words unsaid,

And the things that we do for people

Everything in the end just fades away

Why does it leave only the small

Ball of pleasantness in the chest

When we think of them?

When your past feels like a dream

You think you are a machine

That’s runs on gasoline

‘Cause you’re low on self esteem

When you question your sanity everyday



The concept of God

why do we have to contemplate about the concept of God?

Because we have this limited amount of time on earth and I think everyone has a choice of what to do with their lives and the things they had to do (their purpose) was not explicitly told to them. even if it had been there would have been protest and up raisal and finally they would have supposedly won their ‘freedom’ to do whatever they wanted to do in the first place. but then again will our actions matter? are we so significant in the universe to control or at least influence it? the answer is no. We’re not even significant among the 7 billion or so people living on earth. which will soon become 9 billion by 2030. but the incredible gift that humans possess over any other known life form is ‘a well developed intelligence’. I say ‘well developed’ because other creatures also have or acquire this ability but not to this extent. So, what do we do with this sophisticated piece of well developed tool that we call a human body? You can either choose to do nothing forever by choosing to die immediately or do nothing ultimately but choose to live amidst all the drama of life or choose trying to improve or evolve, failing miserably and die ultimately. But whatever we choose we end up alone, whether we find ‘the love of our lives’ or have nobody to care for and be cared in return. that’s not a tragedy; it is what it is.

the truth is there is a lot of things beyond our knowledge or capacity to perceive-like what happens after we die-and that is one of the things that drive our hunger to improve/evolve. so what is the point of life? why tease us by giving us limited ability to perceive limited knowledge and make us go through all the drama of life? No body knows. Some take comfort in the fact and some get frustrated. So we try to understand the way things are first, and wonder at the cosmic force/ energy and see patterns in its behavior and make laws according to that pattern to mitigate all the suffering and try to increase the pleasure we go through in this life. Because that’s what we want right? To be happy?

For me, God means an entity that is limitless. Humans tend to have limitations of all kinds, physical, mental, etc. we cannot feel beyond the five senses and we don’t have a collective consciousness. Imagine the evolution of human race. How do you think it’d be like? the difference between an animal and a man is his ability to differentiate between right and wrong. but how are the concepts of ‘right and wrong’ defined? Nobody has given an outline these days. there are only laws and mind you, blindly following any law without understanding its purpose is fruitless. ie there wont be evolution. why do we need evolution anyways? because we are trying to understand what God can be like… so that we can become Gods ourselves.and I think everybody has that potential. Human mind is a mystery till now.

so to be back on topic-right and wrong. to hurt others intentionally or unintentionally is wrong and to empathize with others and being king to each other is right. every law is based on this principle. why? because we try to mitigate suffering and increase the pleasure of being alive as I’ve previously said above. So the evolution of humans as I see it can only happen if we expand the human knowledge and our ability to perceive. then we can be closer to god. but how do we expand our consciousness? by learning to actually feeling what others are feeling so that we can become those things so that we can expand our self to be the universe. if we can control the cosmos do you think we can be God? but then we can not control nonetheless understand ourselves so how can we even hope to understand what is not us?

I think embarking on this quest is now being called spirituality whereas it should have been the nature or purpose of life. but who am I to determine the purpose of any one’s life nonetheless the purpose of anything. so I would call this journey my logical purpose of life and I would like to hear what you guys think about it.

I recently came across the concept of dimensions. that we perceive things in 2d but we live in a 3d world and that 2d life forms if they existed would perceive things in 1d which is just a straight line. 4d would enable us to see through objects and I read somewhere that Vishnu- the Hindu God- the protector of life lives in the 10th dimension on oceans of time and on the bed of snake which represent the characteristic of ‘desire’ in human nature. If only we could see things in the 10th dimension… then we could finally understand the concept of God.

Maybe that’s what Buddha experienced. so I hope we get to experience that one day and able to teach one other too.

Why a blog?

Well, I wanted to share my thoughts with people who were actually interested in knowing about me or just wanted to know what’s going on inside my head. My goal wasn’t to broad cast myself otherwise I’d have chosen Youtube over Blogs. People usually tend to turn to youtube when they’re bored and most don’t choose reading that time. I don’t want my story to be a source of entertainment. I want it to be helpful and to those in need and those who seek. So please don’t share my posts or pass judgement because these posts are merely observations from my viewpoint. and some posts might have pessimistic, depressive content so I ask you not to worry about me and see them just as an expression of art because that’s what they are. Maybe, not good ones though. So arigatou gosaimasu for reading and please drop a mail or comment if you like what you read because I’d like to connect with people with same brain wave length.